What is PulmonaryScan?

PulmonaryScan is a teen-created lung health app that focuses on documenting the malicious effects of smoking, as well as helping those battling smoking addiction on their road to being free from this harmful practice.

To learn more about your lungs and the medicinal world that surrounds them, check out PulmoDaily, a lung health blog focused on providing the most recent and accurate news about the Pulmonology field. PulmoDaily is powered by Teach ATX Inc.

PulmonaryScan is a living, breathing app that adapts when new information presents itself, much like Science. The app is inspected every 2 weeks for data fallacies and bug issues. In efforts to maintain optimal user feedback, please fill out the form below with any issue occurrences that you notice.

Newest patch update:

1.0.2 (7/7/20)

  • Added COPD Screening Test Page

  • Minor Aesthetic Changes

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