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We started PulmonaryScan with one goal in mind: educate individuals with bad smoking/vaping habits about the dangers and health risks it imposes on their body, and possibly help them in their journey to become addiction-free. Watching our high school peers greatly harming their fundamental organs gave us a unique perspective on the widespread usage of harmful substances. This experience pushed our founding members to the drawing board, with a goal of finding a viable solution to try to help mitigate this crisis. Additionally, we also understood how pressing other lung issues were to society through research into lung-related diseases. Specifically, COPD was an affliction that we saw as extremely pressing. With that in mind, we thought that a free, quick COPD screening test could positively benefit users as well. After weeks of development, PulmonaryScan was born. With a simplistic design and easy to use interface, PulmonaryScan is divided into 5 sections, which are detailed below:

COPD Screening Test

The COPD Screening test is an interactive questionnaire engineered by PulmonaryScan to help individuals discern if they need further evaluation by a medical professional regarding their COPD/Bronchitis/Emphysema symptoms. This examination is comprised of 8 short questions regarding one's symptoms and conditions, and one interactive question to examine the performance of the user's lungs. Results of the test will then be analyzed, and a recommendation regarding further examination will be made.

*disclaimer* This test does in no way serve as an actual medical diagnosis. The purpose of the test is to make a preliminary recommendation in regard to seeking further advice from a licensed professional. Again, please do not use the results of this test as absolute medical diagnosis.

Days Sober Counter

The Sober Counter is a multi-faceted approach to helping those on a path to staying smoking free on their journey. First, the user is prompted to enter in the average amount of usage per week of Cigarettes, Juul Pods, or both. After that, the user will be taken to the main screen, where an auto-updating counter will tell the user how many days they have been able to stay abstinent from their smoking habit (if a user unfortunately consumes smoking products, they can easily hit the "relapse" button to start over). Additionally. the Sober Counter will also tell the user how much money they have saved in total over the course of their sober journey, as well as their expected savings of money over the course of the following month and year. This feature will allow the user to directly see the benefits of their tough fight against addiction, hopefully encouraging them to keep up their great work.

Effects of Smoking Body Map

The Body Map is an interactive interface in which users can tap into the different body systems to see how smoking specifically affects each part of one's body. Users can read the facts on how smoking affects the capabilities of one's Brain, Mouth/Throat, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, and Reproductive System.

Effects of Vaping

In an effort to synthesize more data on the vaping-specific consequences of addiction, users will be taken to a screen where the raw facts of the downsides of Vaping are shown. Additionally, buttons are presented on the screen that lead to more supplementary reading on this harmful practice by the leading scientific websites.


This part of the app will directly take you to the PulmoDaily blog ran by PulmonaryScan CEO Mainur Khan. On the PulmoDaily blog, you can read the latest news in the Lung health world, recent advancements in the medical field, and much more.